JP2 News Crew Thursday December 7, 2017

School Delay 12.8.17

Due to current weather conditions. School begins tomorrow (12/8/18) at 10am, with Mass at 2pm

Student of the Week

Casey Thornburgh, nominated by his English III teacher, Ms. Lopez.

Senior Ads

We have two pages left for Senior Ads in the yearbook. The price is $50 for a half page and $100 for a full page. Contact Mrs. Stanley in the library to buy one with check or cash. You may pay in the front office with a credit card.

Share your Christmas

Once again we are being asked to participate in the Annual Share Your Christmas food drive for the Coastal Bend Food Bank (formerly The Food Bank of Corpus Christi). Please encourage your students to bring canned food items. There are four boxes placed on our cafetorium stage, one for each grade level. If you wish to collect the canned food items in your room, let me know and I arrange for their collection. If you have mixed grade levels in your classes, an idea is to mark the bottom of the items with a number for the grade level. An incentive for the drive is being discussed -- for now let's promote the food drive the best we can. Everyone is so busy this time of the year as we bring the Fall Semester to a close -- still let's see what we can do for this worthy cause of helping feel the less fortunate in our community. Thanks in advance for your efforts with the Share Your Christmas food drive.


Live Nativity 

will be on Sunday and Monday same time... please arrive by 4:45 Sunday... we will not be feeding the performers on Sunday but will on Monday (schedule the same on Monday)... we hope your child can participate both days


Car Wash

Fundraiser this Saturday(12/9/17) from 10am -2pm presented by the Centurion Baseball Booster Club.



In an effort to move forward with technology, St. John Paul II High School is implementing Google Suite (G Suite) with students and teachers on our campus. Students in the classroom are able to be administered Google accounts to allow gmail, storage of their documents, and access to work online. All stored work will be accessible from home, school, and anywhere there is an internet connection to allow the students to be able to communicate and be efficient with their teachers and schooling altogether. As part of the process the students will be issued a school gmail account to allow for collaborative sharing using G Suite. This gmail account will be used solely for school-related projects and purposes. G Suite is a place for students to safely communicate and collaborate online because the Google environment being setup is only accessible by the accounts of the students and Faculty of St. John Paul II High School. Students and teachers will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other Google Apps. Students will have training on how to use G Suite tools. Student Acceptable Use Policy will be enforced and Faculty will monitor student use of application when students are at school. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child's use of applications when accessing programs from home. Students are responsible for their own behavior at all times. Once permission has been received and the account for your child(ren) has been enabled, please familiarize yourself with these new tools. Your child(ren) will be able to assist you with this. Feel free to peruse your child's work periodically. To give permission to use these G Suite Resources, please click on the following link to complete the brief online form per family, We are doing our best to provide a quality and educational technology integration within our core curriculum. Thank you for assisting us to move forward in our initiatives. We appreciate your time and cooperation!